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furuba_faq's Journal

The Fruits Basket Directory
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Furuba_FAQ is dedicated to answering all of you Fruits Basket-related questions. We are more than willing to help you find what you are looking for.

Furuba_FAQ is also a directory. We hope to have a directory full of Furuba Info. A companion website is also in the works.

Furuba_FAQ not only invites advertising, it encourages it. If you have a community, RPG, messageboard, Yahoo! group, webstie or anything else that is Furuba-related, please advertise it here.

**No discussion of Pirate/bootleg fruits basket anime or manga material this includes scanlations, downloads of anime on internet etc.

Only summaries of later chapters are tolerated. If a chapter is released we will pull it from the memories section, go buy it people!

Don't advertise your icons, that is what icon-communities are for.

If you do advertise on here, please make it Furuba-related.